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Hi! I’m Lulu!

I’m a German Shepherd who was rescued as a puppy. My mom adopted me from a nice lady who found me near the wild and dangerous wetlands of the Everglades in Florida. We go on many adventures. And now we live in Italy.

Mom is an artist and writer. She says that I am her muse. I don’t know what that is, but she has taught me some tricks and we have fun when we go exploring┬átogether.

I have a very special trick. I can read! Do you like to read?

We don’t practice reading a lot. Sometimes she has to help me. However, I’m very smart and I learn fast.

Mom’s writing stories of our adventures and the fun things we do together. She also teaches English here in Italy. She’s drawing the pictures for our first book now. She wrote it as a bilingual book for kids to practice a second language. The first publishing will be in English and Italian.

Would you like to learn another language? Follow us to stay updated on our adventures and for info about the books as they are released. Mom says we will eventually print bilingual books for Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Russian too!