When I was a puppy, Mom went to graduate school. She was always working and studying. She didn’t have a lot of time to play with me. I got bored. So, she invented a game where we could take a break together.

I knew how to do good behavior tricks like Sit, Stay, and Down. I also knew some fun commands like High Five and my most favorite is Belly Rub. Sometimes she uses hand signals so that she never has to say a word. This is useful if she needs to be quiet and wants me to do something.

The game she invented taught me all of these tricks by reading the words. This is a good game to exercise my brain so I get mental stimulation too. It was this game that inspired her project for school.

She wanted me to become a therapy dog then too. The organization where we used to live called Share-A-Pet uses therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are working dogs and their job is to go visit people who are sick or lonely and give them love to feel better.

This idea made my mom very happy. Since I was a puppy when I took the exam, I didn’t pass the first time. I needed to study a little more to be a certified therapy dog but we moved far away before I could test again. The founders of the program visited us years later in Italy and saw how good I am after growing up. They approved me to be a certified therapy dog.

Although we live far away, Mom still wants to support their program because one of the special jobs that some of the therapy dogs do is to visit schools and help kids learn how to read. Because I learned how to read and she now teaches Italian kids English, she believes that we are meant to help.

I sometimes work with children in Italy and now we are writing stories of our adventures that they can all read.

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